Monday, April 29, 2013

UTMF Trip 2013 Day 7

The race had ended. It was time for everybody to leave. There were talks on who wishes to return for the 2014 edition, some wanted to go for the longer distance after doing the STY, some were to come back for unfinished business. Some volunteers from the Avid team also wanted to try the STY next year! Hahaha .. :)

As for me, I felt that it was definitely a race worth coming back again. Mt Fuji has its mystifying beauty, waiting for people to discover it themselves. I also love Japan and their people. I have my own UTMF stories to tell my friends when I return to Singapore. I would like to experience other races, to live other adventures, to tell other stories too.

One day, I will come back for Fuji. :)

I took the 1230Hr bus back to Tokyo.

This photo was taken at the bus terminal together with some of the Avid crew.

Thank you very much, Avid Adventures. You had successfully made our stay at Fuji a very wonderful one again. The race would not have been so memorable if you people were not around. A runner's success does not solely depend on his own merits, it also relies a lot on the support crew he had. I own a lot of my completion of the race to each of you. I really could not thank each of you enough. I hope to be able to see you all again, some day, in the trails. :)

I reached Tokyo in the afternoon and went back to Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. There was some visiting to do.

Harajuku. A shopping district which I had not visited in my last two visit to Japan.

Then I realised there could be better choices than visiting Harajuku after a race. There were so many slopes .. :s

 Chocolate banana crepe.

This was the Nike outlet at Harajuku. I also visited the North Face outlet, which really interests me more. Hehehe .. :p

Bought this fruity beer from Family Mart near the hotel. Had been eyeing it since the first day I arrived in Tokyo. :p

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