Tuesday, April 23, 2013

UTMF Trip 2013 Day 1

Blue: everything race
Black suitcase: everything else
With my bags (damn big and heavy!), I was all set to go Japan.

The flight was at 0045Hr but the boarding was delayed. It reminded me of my Shanghai 2011 trip when the flight was delayed for 2 hours. Luckily, this time it was only 1 hour.

I ate the snacks served on board and watching the Hong Kong movie Cold War (寒战) until I felt tired and slept. The flight was only like half filled. There was nobody sitting beside me so I  laid down and slept across the 2 seats. Not the most comfy as I had to fold my legs up due to the small space, but well .. that would be fine. :)

Woke up with around lesser than 3 hours to reach Tokyo. I did not manage to sleep well actually. Breakfast was served.

 Outside the plane, the sun was slowly raising.

Touched down at around 0730Hr at Narita International Airport.

Mount Fuji, I have returned. :)

Travelling to town was another long journey. I was stayed in Ikebukuro. It was a 1.5 hour train followed by another 20 min train ride. I stayed at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro, the same place I stayed last year.

Weather was in the mid 10s degC and sunny.

I had pre-rented a module phone from Pupuru and they had delivered it to the hotel lobby. It was a lesson from my booboo experience last year. My Iphone could not pick up any signal so the hotel staff helped me to find this company which rents mobile phones out. I rented a phone from them and used it for the STY. When I returned to Singapore. I told my friends about the problem and they explained to me it was because I had turned off the 3G function of the phone. All along I had thought it was meant for surfing the internet using the phone so I always switch the 3G function off when flying overseas. So this time after learning my lesson, I knew I should turn on the 3G in order for the phone to receive network signals. Nevertheless, I still rented a mobile phone, just in case the phone would not work again. I had it delivered to the hotel to make it convenient for me.

The much awaited lunch. Totally famished by now.

The Rainbow Bridge at the Tokyo Bay area.

Gundam statue at Daiba Diver City. Bought some snacks here to bring back to Singapore.

This was followed by shopping at L-Breath at Shinjuku, a place which I always like to go. Full of outdoor equipments. Hahaha .. :)

Dinner was at Shinjuku.

I also went to scout for the place to take the highway bus to Kawaguchiko tomorrow afternoon. It was just a short walk from the Shinjuku station. I bought the ticket for the 1240Hr bus for the next day. That would give me time to visit Tsukiji market the next morning.

It was a tiring day from not having sufficient sleep and all the travelling around. Slept like a log back in the hotel.

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