Monday, December 05, 2011

Toray Cup Shanghai International Marathon 2011 Day 3/3

Went to 永和豆浆 to have breakfast. This was the 甜豆浆. Yup, they have 咸豆浆 too.



A hostel near my hotel.

Walking along the Bund.

They had an innovative way of keeping their hands warm while riding their bike in this cold weather.

Model shoot.


News kiosk.

I checked out after lunch.

Took the train to the airport. At Guanglan Road station, we need to switch train again.

Reaching the airport.

Waiting for my 小笼包.

My plane back.

Christmas decorations in the plane.

Taking off.

Is this a new design? I had never seen a seat with the controls at the front. There was even USB ports.

White wine.

Dinner. Yummy!

Sun setting in the horizon. Beautiful.

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