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Toray Cup Shanghai International Marathon 2011 Day 2/3

I woke up at 0500Hr to have breakfast and prepare myself for the run.

Lets go.

The ladies in front were also from my hotel. A lot of chinese national from other parts of China also came to participate in the race.

Walking towards the start line.

Official guarding the start line.

At Peace Hotel, beside the start line.

Time to run!

Before the race flagged off at 0730Hr, they played the national anthem of China. Standing in the middle of so many chinese, hearing them singing their national anthem, watching the China flags (note that each building has at least one flag pole and all have the China flags on them) fluttering in the air, there was a feeling of awesomeness in our hearts.

From Yiqipao
Participants moving into the starting pen.

From Yiqipao

From Yiqipao

The race started timely at 0730Hr. There were so many people I stood at the same spot way behind for something like 5 mins before I could start to move forward.

The weather was cold. However, having stood in the huge crowd helped to keep my body warm. So I need not take too long before taking off the disposable poncho I was wearing.

From Yiqipao
The route took us up the Nanpu Bridge across to Pudong. It was a 2.2km ascent to the middle of the bridge. There was even a sign at the side of the bridge telling people its going upslope.

From Yiqipao

From Yiqipao
We ran past the Expo 2010 Shanghai China site, passing through the pavilions of many countries. Among them was the China pavilion. We also ran through the Expo Axis which was next to the China pavilion.

From Yiqipao
This was the Brasil pavilion.

From Yiqipao

This was the 2nd and the last bridge we had to cross. It was along Yaolong Road.

From Yiqipao

Along way, distance markers like this were places at every 1km. The distances were accurate. They even place a "42" at the 42km mark, just 200m away from the finish line.

Gun Time: 4:47:45
Net Time: 4:38:31

Position: 2958

From Yiqipao

The finish line.

From Yiqipao
Entering the basement of the sports center.

From Yiqipao

In the basement, we were issued a bag of snacks, collected our finisher certificates (yup, they print on the spot for you), collected a special gift (a small pouch) and exchanged our time chip for the RMB$100 deposit.

Overall, the race was not bad except for the water stations. There were not enough water stations. There were no isotonic drinks offered but bottles herbal tea. Some water stations had only the herbal tea. Some had only wet sponges! I was so thirsty at a point I tried to drink from the wet sponge but there was not much water in the sponge.

There were performances at different points of the course. Supporters were also present at most parts of the course. Some of them even offered drinks to the runners. A guy offered me a cup of warm ginger tea. It tasted so so good. Due to the cold weather, I was also craving for the hot baked potato I saw the food peddlers selling outside the Shanghai Indoor Stadium!

The exit of the training stadium.

Photo taking.

The buses where runners deposit their bags.

My bus is #6.

Oriental Sports Center.

Lets go back to hotel.

Switching the metro line at Laoximen.

I had lunch at the 永和豆浆 near my hotel and ordered a 卤肉饭. I was so hungry I finished the whole thing before remembering to take a photo.


小笼包! Yum yum!

This was given to every participants after they crosses the finish line at the sports center.

After taking a short rest, its time to go out for sightseeing.

Their bus stop. I wonder what happens if it rains.

Waiting for the train to Lujiazui.

Construction of the Shanghai Tower. Slatted for completion in 2014, it would be the tallest building in China.

Shanghai World Financial Center (上海环球金融中心) (left) and Jinmao Tower (金茂大厦).

Century Avenue.

Jinmao Tower (金茂大厦)

Shanghai World Financial Center (上海环球金融中心) and the moon.

Shanghai World Financial Center (上海环球金融中心)

I bought tickets to go up the observatory on top of the Shanghai World Financial Center. Being the tallest observatory in the world, it would be able to give me a good view of Shanghai.

We were directed to a small room where we were given a short introduction on the SWFC. Before that, we walked through this short alley where the screen will follow you as you walked through.

While waiting for the lift, the level of the lift was displayed on top of us. Cool!

We were taking to level 94.

We then took another lift to level 100.

Night view of the Bund. We were allowed to take our time to admire the scenery.

The worlds tallest observatory.

Next, we went to level 97. Besides offering more view, there was a photo exhibition too.

Lastly we went to level 94.

This was the view from the urinal at level 94.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower (上海东方明珠电视塔)

This was a view not to be missed if you visit Shanghai. Looking across the Huangpu River from Lujiazui. The long stretch of colonial buildings offered a start contrast to the skyscrapers at Lujiazui.

Dinner was at a Starbucks at Lujiazui. Went back to the hotel to rest. I would leave the packing to tomorrow.

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