Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lesser .. Further .. 2011

With the completion of MR25, the 2011 season has drawn to a close.

I just wish to thank my friends for being with me through the year. Just to name a few.

For coming down to TUC and SDUM to cheer and support, although we did not even see each other during SDUM itself. Hahaha ..

Still remembered what you told me when I first started to train for the UM. I was looking around and wondering what gear to get for the UM. You told me not to think so much but go and start running first. I did just that.

Congrats for your win at MR25.

Thanks for showing me this.

Amy, Azhar:
When we run into each other in MR or Hill Top Walk, I know that I am not the only person suffering alone, and I felt happier. Hahaha ..

Thanks for organising TUC. TUC was very well done. Simple and nice. Wish more races could be like that. For running and just for running.

It gave me the confidence booster for SDUM. It let me discovered I could actually do a 100km.

Now I caught the bug. I am hooked.

Thanks for running back with me in the last 5km of Borneo. I was not feeling well due to the fast pace. Really like to listen to all your stories (both running and bullshit).

Friend, when a FM does not really give you the kick anymore, its time to go ultra.

Edmund, Joanne, Soon Teck, Ah Chua:
Nice to have you guys as travel companions in Borneo and River Kwai. Thanks for tolerating some of my unreasonableness.

Nice to have you in Singapore. You know, let’s go for another race together again!

The Most Beautiful Thing
100km / 3450m / 30hr
15th Sep 2012
Sabah, East Malaysia

Registration starts in January 2012. Let me know!

Thanks for coming down to cheer at TUC and SDUM. Go, Ironman!

Joanne, Soon Teck:
Thanks for pacing the last 15km at SDUM. You made the 15km seem (or at least seem to be) easier.

I like the lime juice.

Thanks for coming to TUC and SDUM with your ice packs, snickers, coffee, cold towel, ice cold coke and whatever there is.

If one day, I need race support in an oversea race, will you offer your help?

Suki, Tso, Jennifer, Ivan:
Thanks for bringing me around HK when I went over for CCM. Thanks for the 叉鸡饭 and the 云吞面.

Dear friend:
Thanks for being with me throughout the journey. Whenever I wanted to give up, I would think of you and I would just keep going. You also must keep going.

I felt happy that some of my friends told me they also wish to try the 100km after seeing me completed it. Maybe they realised if I also could do it, then why cant they?

I just hope after that they do not hate me.

At the end of 2010, I asked myself a question:

“You did so many marathons. So what?”

I did not know how to answer myself. So I cut down the races in 2011 and also allowed me to cater more time to train for the UM. I believe I made the right choice.

In 2012, I will cut down even more. Will be giving more time to running. Just running, not races.

2012 will be an exciting year. New adventures, new races and surely more new friends to be made.

In 2012, we race mountains!

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