Sunday, September 27, 2015

UTMF Trip 2015 Day 5

Today was the end of the UTMF. We went down to Yagisaki Kouen to soak in the race atmosphere and to see our friends who were still running cross the finish line.

Photo from AllSport

Kaburaki giving his opening address of the awards ceremony.

Photo from AllSport

Pauline giving the English translation.

Photo from AllSport

The 3 race directors.

Runners were arriving one by one every moment. We were not far away from the 46hr cut-off. Let's hope our friends quickly show up.

The STY female podium.

The STY male podium.

Both male and female STY champions.

Whitley and Bee Leng crossing the finish line together.

Archer crossed the tape a few minutes before the cut-off. Just on time.

The finish line was crowded with people hoping to catch the last few runners coming in.

This was the very last finisher of UTMF. Very emotional finish. The runner was crying. His supporters following him at the back gave him a warm hug and were also crying.

The UTMF female podium.

The UTMF male podium.

The female and male winners for the UTMF.

Dinner was a post race BBQ at Togawaso. A much deserved celebration for everybody, both runners and supporters.

Mount Fuji was still hiding away from us.

Of course, there was the slicing of the tuna by Noboru-san.

After returning to the ryokan, we had our own celebration again. Hahaha ..

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