Friday, January 18, 2013

Vibram HK100 2013 (Day 2)

American breakfast.


This was the small collapsable cup that I went back to collect last night. Its a compulsory item for the race. I would not be using this cup as I had another bigger one.

A very useful piece of kit to have for the race. I printed out the elevation profile and laminated it. Any other useful information (e.g. cut off time at each check point) could also be written on it.

I wrote down the intermediate distance between each check points. So instead of running a 100km race, I split the race into 11km, 10km, 7km and so on. At each time, I would just concentrate on getting to the next check point.

All the hills were packed into the second half of the race. The longest distance between each check point was 13km from CP5 52km Kei Ling Ha to CP6 65km Gilwell Camp.

This was the opening time of the respective check points. We had to reach them before they were closed.

Note: The overall cut off is 32hr. Not 36hr.


- 2 x packets Hammer Perpeteum Solids
- 5 x packers Hammer Perpeteum
- 2 x packets Hammer Recoverite
- 1 x tube Hammer Anti-Fatigue pills
- 1 x tube Hammer Endurolyte
- 1 x tube preserved ginger slices
- 10 x packet bak gua
- 4 x packet chia seeds
- 5 x Snicker Bars
- bread


Top row (L - R): Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 hydration bag, BIB, 2 x BUFF, Leki Carbonlite XL trekking pole, first aid kit, New Balance running top

Middle row (L - R): Innov-8 Roclite 295 trail shoe, phone, Octopus card, Sea to Summit collapse cup, Road ID, TNF running gloves, race belt, RaidLight water bottle, emergency blanket, Petzl emergency red light, 2 x Black Diamond Storm headlight with extra batteries, 2XU thermal long sleeve compression top

Bottom row ((L - R): TNF Venture waterproof pants, TNF Venture waterproof jacket, 2XU long compression tights

Lunch time.



The rest of the gang included Patrick, Terence, Osbert, Archer and Terry. We were supposed to meet at Kimberly Road opposite Kimberley Hotel. I had rented a small bus to bring us to Pak Tam Chung. Kee Seng and his group of friends would be joining us too. None of us mind as it would help to split out the cost.

From Terry Tan
Kee Seng and me outside the bus waiting for everybody to arrive.

I only brought my hydration bag, drop bag and finish point bag with me. I had deposited the big duffel bag at the hostel as I would be going back here after the race.

Enroute to Pak Tam Chung.

The journey only took us around 35 minutes as there was no traffic jam.

Waiting to check in.

Kee Seng checking in.

We were at block 10 unit D. They have our names printed on the entrance to the block.

I saw PS's name on the list too.

Our unit was at level 2 of the block. 3 rooms with 8 beds and a common toilet. The place was not too bad. Good enough for a weekend getaway with friends or family. Other than a cafe 2 blocks away, there were nothing else nearby the camp site.

We chatted and rested for a while. We planned to meet Janelle at Sai Kung town for dinner. She had flew in the same day as me and stayed at her HK friend's place. While we were chatting, a familiar face showed up at our door. It was Jasmine Goh. She was staying in the same block at us.

We took the bus 94 to Sai Kung town. It was a long wait. Well, the area was the country side so the interval between buses were much longer than the city area.

There was a cow nearby the bus stop feeding on the grass. They were free to roam about. During the race, we would run pass a lot of them while they would not even give a hoot about us.

The cow called out to its family roaming across the road and soon they also came over to enjoy the "feast".

From Terry Tan
In the bus to Sai Kung. We had waited for at least 20 - 25 minutes for the bus.

From Terry Tan

We also bought breakfast for tomorrow and water at the supermarket.

From Terry Tan
Back in the chalet, we began packing our stuff for tomorrow. We were given two draw string bags together with 2 sticker tags inside the race pack. Blue tag to denote the drop bag. Red tag for the finish point. I packed my stuff into my own bags which I had brought along and stuff them into the drawstring bags.

Each of us slowly got ready out stuff and laid them out in the living room. Hydration bags, drop bags, finish point bags, running gear and breakfast. 

We stayed in the living room and chatted for a while, discussing about the race, other races and equipment. It was really good that everybody shared their knowledge for others to benefit. Thanks to Archer, now I finally understand the purpose of the strap on the trekking poles. Not to forget the "Stand by hydration bag" by our Sergeant Osbert. Really damn funny. Hahaha .. :)

All was ready.

Now was the time to rest. It would be a long, and very hilly day tomorrow.


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