Tuesday, May 22, 2012

STY 2012 Day 8

On my first day in Tokyo, it rained. Today was my last day and it rained again.

Went to Asakusa to buy some stuff to bring back home.

The prominent landmark of Asakusa.

Another landmark which my friends and I called the "sperm bank". :p

I like the soba across the street. And of course the inari.

I like this too. Rice ball coated with a layer of sweet sauce. It can be found along the stalls leading to the temple.

I had to rush back to Ikebukuro to check out from the hotel and travel to the airport. I was already feeling sick by now. Running nose with a headache. It just felt terrible.

I was supposed to transfer train at Nippori but I took the wrong train and landed up at Mikawashima. Hahaha .. :)

Finally went back to the right train at Nippori.

Dinner at Narita Airport. Yummy yummy!!!

I was feeling terribly sick now.

Goodbye sashimiland. We would meet again.

I promise .. :)

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