Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tokyo Marathon 2011 Day 5 / 5

Using the computer in the morning.

There was a store room at the basement for us to put our luggage.

Beside the hostel door, they placed photos of guests of the previous month.

With the sunlight illuminating the photos from the back, it looks very nice.

Outside the temple, people like to crowd around the big urn and fan the smoke from the incense towards themselves. Guess it helps to ward off bad luck.

This was rice ball sticks. At first I thought it was coated in malt. But after trying 1 I found out it was a sauce similar to the sauce they use for teriyaki chicken. There was a small corner in the shop and the shop lady told me to eat there and not to walk around while eating it. Maybe this was their practice of not walking around while eating.

Yesterday I saw the handmade version of those small little cakes. Here we have the machine made version.

This was a prominent landmark we used to orientate ourselves at Asakusa. We call it "Sperm Bank" .. :p

A lady rickshaw puller. I am interested in those shoes.

Tokyo Sky Tree.

Breakfast breakfast!

Will be going to Ueno this morning as it is near to Asakusa. I need to rush back to the hostel by lunch time.

Their betting shop.

Only saw this sports shop in Ueno.

Beard Papa's

It was soft and fluffy. There was so much cream inside it kept oozing out after every bite.

Ueno National Park.

There was a sakura tree at the park entrance.

Times up. I need to rush back to the hostel now.

This was the PASMO card that accompanied me for the past few days. Will be en-cashing it today.

The friendly hostel staff. Saying goodbye for the last time.

I am taking the Airport Express Line to Narita Airport. Have to make sure I am at the train station on time before the train arrives. If not, the next train is 1 hour later.

I had checked with the attendant on duty at the platform that I am boarding the correct train. Even then, I was feeling a little uneasy thinking that I may be on the wrong train. It was until I saw others who boarded the train carrying their luggage a few stations later then I started to relax.

Narita Airport.

Fa So La .. why is there no Do Re Me .. ?? ..

A nice meal before boarding the flight.

Boarding time.

It has been raining the whole day.

On flight meal. I was still feeling hungry so I finished everything.

Red wine for a nice good sleep on the flight.

I love Tokyo Marathon. I love Sashimiland. :)

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