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adidas Sundown Marathon 2009 - Day 2

This post is very, very wordy and its not my usual style. Its due to me not having any photos taken during the run itself. I left my camera in my bag as I do not want any extra weight on me. Maybe in the future when I get better at running marathons and when I find a better way of waterproofing the camera.

I believe when I start taking photos during the run, running will be an even better experience and more joyful.

The 42km run started at midnight.

3827 men and 738 women registered for the full marathon making it a total of 4565 participants.

We were quite far behind the starting line. So had to move slowly towards the starting line. It sure was crowded. Everybody around was cheering and eager to start.

My strategy, since its my first 42km, is to go slow at the first part to reserve more energy for the last part. If possible, to maintain running all the way. Timing wise, I just hope to be able to be back before the sun rises so that means its around 5.5Hr to 6Hr. However, meeting the timing is my very last priority if its even a priority at all. I just want to complete the run. Hahaha .. :)

We were running together at the very start. Started to break up as there were many people and a lot of them were trying to cut to the front. Also, the speed of the rest were slightly faster than mine. I did not want to catch up with them so I just let them move ahead. Very soon, I was by myself.

The starting was moving down Changi Coast Road. That long, long, long, long stretch of road behind Changi Airport that even when you drive car it feels like eternity and now you have to run. I told myself not to go and count the lamp posts or look at the airport for reference. Just look ahead and keep running. It worked.

After this we start to cut into East Coast Park. At the 10km mark water point just before the SAFRA Resort, I bumped into DWD. I grabbed my drinks and kept running. Somewhere along East Coast met Darryl. Asked him where is Calvin and Olivia and he replied they were way ahead. Kept running. Its a bit of a torture when you run along East Coast Park past all those families doing BBQs. All the fragrance .. hurhurhur .. :) .. run and run and run .. somewhere behind 21km met Pang. He told me he could not catch up with Avery at the 10km mark.

Real happy when we crossed the 21km mark .. half way down .. !! .. took around 2:45Hr .. very slow .. but its ok and I do not care .. :)

Crossed the first bridge in the whole run into siglap .. its a ramp up and down the bridge .. running alone again .. we were running past the back of those semi detached houses .. straight and even road .. ok lah ..

Passed by Kembangan MRT .. one of my landmarks to look out for .. shiok .. came to the second bridge .. around 25km .. up and down the bridge was by ramp .. ok lah .. moved into those HDB estates and was running through those small small greeneries between the HDBs and the expressway .. the ups and downs on those small slopes .. I know there is going to be a third bridge to come .. it came .. up and down by stairs .. hahaha .. heng heng my leg still ok at this point of time ..

Along the way from the start till now had seen numerous people stretching at the side. Some even removed their shoes. Some just laid down flat. Think they were those doing the UM. Must be real tired. Its really pushing your body beyond the limits ..

Next up was another landmark. Bedok Reservoir. Hate running on the gravel. Felt so happy at the point of turning out into the main roads.

There was a water point over here and it is around 30km mark. Think the organisers know this is the point where people generally starts to break down so they stationed more people here to help out. Some helped with the drinks, giving out bananas. There were bananas! Hahaha .. :) .. Ate the bananas, my energy gels, down cups of 100Plus, applied deep heat.

The motivators here were damn supportive and cheerful. Really helped bring up the spirits of people (if any left) .. hahaha .. :)

This 30km mark is also the point where I am prepared until. Hahaha .. But I still kept on running. One reason is feeling happy that we were back running on the roads. Its just another 12km to go. Can be done wan lah!

The time now is around 0430Hrs. We had been running non - stop for 4.5Hrs.

Run and run and run .. Crossed the 33km mark and my body started breaking down. No more strength. Running speed was as good as walking. So switch to walking. Felt satisfied thou as I had kept running for 33km non - stop. Kekeke .. :)

Walk, walk, walk. Was planning to walk to the 35km mark and continue running. 35km came but I was still walking .. hahaha .. really boh lark liao .. Anyway, I was not really walking but doing something like a brisk walk all the way. Think this speed can tahan lah. 7km more only niah .. 7km only can wan lah .. :)

At the 37km mark, started to feel the muscles around the shin on both legs getting tight.

40km mark came. It was somewhere along Loyang Avenue. I know that I need to start running again. Ate my last pack of energy gel. Down more 100Plus. Applied deep heat. Off I go.

Run and run and run. Started turning in towards Changi Village. Near the Changi Village Hotel met one of the 6Hr pacers Azhar Azib encouraging us. I checked the watch and its already like 5:50++. Started opening up my steps.

Reached Changi Village area. Cannot see the finishing line. Just kept following the runners in front of me. We were going around here and there but I just cannot see where is the finishing line. Looked at the watch again and its already 5:58+ .. Finally I was able to see the finishing line. Opened up the steps even more and stride forward.

I crossed at 5:59:17.81 (according to my results on the website).

0km - 10km: 01:17:30.74
10km - 20km: 01:25:59.45
20km - 30km: 01:11:26.24
30km - 42km: 02:04:21.38

Photo from Espion.

Feel happy for myself and my friends and all the runners. Salute to those who tried the UM. You are the man!

Was feeling giddy after the run. Think its due to not having run such a distance before and its a overnight run. Had over exhausted myself.

I have 2 medals as Teng passed his D - tag and BIB to me to take the stuff for him.

See you all at adidas Sundown Marathon 2010 on 29th May 2010.

Errh .. no lah .. I will still stick to the 42km. Hahaha .. :)


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