Saturday, May 30, 2009

adidas Sundown Marathon 2009 - Day 1

"Dear all. Meet 2145Hr at White Sand entrance facing MRT. Those who are late treat breakfast."

The day started in the morning with an SMS above from Avery which goes somewhere along those lines. Today finally arrived. Had looked very much forward to today as I will be doing my first ever full marathon. Dare not say that I am fully prepared for the 42km run. I am confident only until 30km. After which I do not know what will happen. After 30km, I will PUSH* towards the end point. Hahaha .. :)

*PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens

The day continued with the usual carbo loading for lunch and afternoon nap. My running apparel was laid out and my bag was packed. Made sure I did not miss out my energy gels and camera. Dinner was of a normal portion. Not too much as its getting near the run but still enough to make me full.

I was trying to figure out a way to help me remember when to eat the energy gels. Had planned for a pack every 5km. Have to eat the gels at water points as it had to be flushed down with water.

The route was lined with a lot of water points which is something very good. I need to know where should I eat the gels. In the end I followed my friend's suggestion and I did this.

Hahaha .. looks a bit stupid and 夸张 .. and I dont care if people laugh at me .. hahaha .. :)

The "X" indicates the water point I should consume the gels. Also added in prominent landmarks for me to look forward to reaching. It did not work. Hahaha .. Slightly after the run started the markings were starting to get smudged by my perspiration. Before I reached the 1km mark, the left 2 columns were blurred. When I finished the run, everything cannot be read. However, as I had tried to write it down, so therefore luckily I was able to remember roughly in my mind the different "X" locations. Hahaha .. good try .. another method next time.

Received a SMS from Pang saying those running the ultra marathon passed by his home area at around 2100Hr. He lives somewhere near the Bedok Reservoir so its will be roughly below 30km. Their run started at 1900Hr so it means they are running real fast!

Fast forward .. fast forward .. fast forward .. Pasir Ris at 2200Hr ..

At the bus stop waiting for the shuttle bus. DWD was contemplating where to place his HP during the run.

All of us were still fresh and smiling. Hahaha .. :)

Arriving at Changi Point, we need to walk over to the bag disposal area. Along the way, Kean Yap met his friend who took part in the 10km team run. The friend was heard saying loudly to Kean Yap: "跑完了!" ..

Wah .. thanks ah .. hahaha .. :)

Getting ready. We were trying to find out why we did not stop each other during the registration. There were also bouts of 产前忧郁症 for some of us .. hahaha .. :)

Adjust here adjust there .. wear this wear that .. apply deep heat .. put on MP3 .. knee guard .. here and there ..yah dah yah dah ..

and here we have ..

Me and the guys from the de facto "Keppel Running Club" from Keppel Shipyard (Tuas Yard). Still Fresh and smiling now.

We look good yah .. hahaha .. :)

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