Friday, March 15, 2013

In memory of Winston Koh

I received the shocking news today. But you were already gone.

You wanted to get your open water diver certification. I do not know what exactly happened on Sunday during the dive trip. It does not matter much now, I guess. 

The first time I met you was at Sundown 2011 where you were the 5:30 pacer together with Ailing. Following that, we met in several other races. You also took part in many races, both local and overseas.

An ultra runner.
An Ironman.
A mountaineer.
A photographer.
A ballroom dancer.
An educator.

This is what I know you as, Winston. I will always remember the way you smiled.

It is very sad to hear of your demise. Yet, at least at that moment, you are doing what you have always been doing:

Pushing your limits. 

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