Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sundown Marathon 2011 Day 2/2

I lost Alin at around the lagoon area as I stopped at every water station while she skipped a few. Could not help it as I tend to drink a lot.

I was actually feeling quite relaxed at this pace. Or rather, there was no stress to run fast to hit a good timing.

As we made our way to the U-turn point, I could actually see some familiar faces on the opposite side running back to CEC. Woohoo .. !! .. JIA YOU .. !! .. :)

The U-turn was near Fort Road. I realised my pace was slowing down. Should I put in effort to keep pace? Nope .. forget it .. I would just go at whatever pace my body was going .. feeling free .. :)

The landmarks gradually passed by me one by one. Big Splash, Mac, Lagoon, Bedok Jetty, NSC, NSRCC .. and finally coastal road ..

You do not try to count the lamp posts along coastal road .. you do not look towards the airport and attempt how far you have run .. you just look ahead and run .. :)

The right turn into CEC came .. finally .. and now we were left with 3km more to go. Yeah!

Having ran the same road during the 10km made it somewhat easier, although still straining.

As I turned in towards the finish line, I picked up my pace and stretched out both my hands into an aeroplane pose and I ran passed the finish line.

I did it!

Gun Time: 05:53:17
Net Time: 05:42:35

Overall Placing: 2094 / 7628
Gender Placing: 1841 / 6416
Division Placing (M30-34): 310 / 910

Medals for the 10km and 42km. It was a tiring night. But satisfying .. :)

I had booked the transport at 0600Hr. The time now was around 0500Hr. Still have another 1 hour to spare. I wished 0600Hr would come faster. I was very tired and just wish to go home and sleep.

What you do when you are very bored.

I closed my eyes and dozed off several times. Finally the time was 0545Hr. I slowly made my way to the boarding area. The 0600Hr buses were already lined up and there were already people in them.

Luckily there was not much people in my bus.

The bus left at around 0610Hr. As it moved towards coastal road, I saw there were still runners slowly making their way back to CEC. I understand it must be very tough and tiring for them to be still running at such a time. The bus turned left when it hit coastal road, so it means we were travelling towards ECP and we could clearly see the runners still struggling along coastal road. Almost all of them were walking. Some in a group. Some alone. The volunteers at the water station were still eagerly handing out cups of water to the runners and encouraging them.

"Comon! Comon! Just that bit more!" I wished I could call out to them.

The further we travel down coastal road, the scene looks less and less encouraging. The runners got more and more dispersed. There was even a runner just laying on the ground. Most probably feeling tired from the overnight run. Until we saw a runner walking slowly with a volunteer on a bike beside him. Ok, I guessed he should be the last guy.

I fell asleep as the bus moved on. Too exhausted from the run.

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