Friday, April 29, 2011

Borneo International Marathon 2011 Day 1 / 4

This was a group trip again. Also the first overseas trip (hopefully not the last!) for Joanne and Soon Teck. Ah Chua would join us in Kota Kinabalu the next day as he could not get the same flight with us since he only decided to join us at a later stage.

The flight was at 1735Hr. We were meeting at T1 at 1530Hr. When I arrived, we already saw other Singaporean runners doing their checking in.

Met Mohan at the airport.


Soon Teck


The weather was gonna be hot. Better hydrate more.

Studying the route.

We touched down at around 1950hr. As we are sitting among the front rows, we are one of the first to clear the customs too.

Hotel was just a short drive away from the airport. We were staying at Best Western Daya Hotel which was also near to the race expo.

We were all hungry after reaching the hotel. Finding food around the hotel was not a problem at all and we had more than one choice.

As we were finishing our food, we saw other Singaporean runners coming out to look for food too.

We took a short walk around the area after our dinner. We saw pubs (there was 1 called Upper Star)which we said we will visit either tomorrow or after the race. Ha .. :)

Just before going back to our rooms, we bought water and some bread from the 7-11 below the hotel. There were more than 1 7-11 around the hotel.

I was sharing a room together with Edmund. We were sitting on our beds after bathing and we started talking about running. Well .. we are runners yah .. :p

We spoke about how we began running, who we ran with in the past, the races we have been to, our first FM, first race, first oversea race. We also talked about other running friends. One of the people we talked about was Anqi.

A bubbly and cheerful girl. I have not seen her for a long time. Wonder how is she in Maldives now.

We continued chatting until it was around 0130Hr and we went to sleep.

ZZZzzzz ..

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