Saturday, March 28, 2009

28th Mar 2009

(L - R):
Jashuva (The Black Man), Ming Han (CMI), Wee Hong ("Wah kau eh!"), Sham ("Things will work out."), Chao Sheng ("Look at my face. Do I look as if I care?"), Imran (PC, Company 2IC, Acting OC).

Alf due to work committments.

We were instructors in BMTC School 1, Kilo Company, during our NS days. We were from OCS 36/99 OCC and SISPEC 12th ASLC. Those of us who were specialists were posted there first in Dec 1999. The officers came in Apr 2000.

Still remember those days. We had the whole block to ourselves, whereas other companies mostly had shared blocks. The auditorium was ours, the gym was ours. We were located far away from the HQ block. It was 山高皇帝远 ..

There were skiang of all sorts from range to platoon. There were breakfasts from the canteen during ranges and field camps. There were BBQ during the field camps. There were regular canteen breaks. There were watching TV in the recruit mass. There were runs either around the camp or to rocky hill or all the way to eastern jetty and back. There were picking of durains outside near the ammo dump. There was visiting the hot spring at the northern tip of the island. There were picking of coconuts at the reclaimed land.

This was our first meet up ever since all of us ORD in Aug 2001.

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