Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21st Jan 2009

the queue starts snaking around from the stall .. the first few people were foreign workers .. most prob from the circle line construction in the vincinity .. maybe buying for themselves .. or for their foremen or site managers or project managers ..

it makes a turn into pagoda street .. even got leave a small gap for people to walk through ..

makes a u - turn .. not forgetting to leave a gap again for people to walk through ..

comes out .. goes around the mrt exit .. n winds again into pagoda street ..

a u - turn again .. there were some workers from the stall here trying to organise the crowd ..

the board that the guy in blue is holding ..

the line comes out again .. n stops here for the time being ..

it is only around 10am in the morning .. the chinatown-food-center-stall-uncle news has it that the queue started daily from around 430am ..

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