Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bangkok Trip Day 1

A couple of days of leave to clear before they got cancelled. Went to Bangkok with some of the dragon boat members.

Changi airport terminal 2 MRT station.

Teng trying to adjust the settings on his DC.

While waiting for Sheryl to arrive.

Some of the silly things that people do. Taking photographs of each other. Managed to capture her flash.

Filling up the arrival/departure card.

Inside the terminal.

Gate D44.

Our plane AirAsia FD 3502.

In the air, people were trying to pass the time.

Going down the stairs after arrival.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport from inside the airport bus.

Inside the airport moving towards the customs.

Queuing up to clear the customs.

Retriving our luggage.

Around the baggage retrival area.

Outside the airport.

Got a minibus to take all of us to Sam's Lodge.

Inside the minibus.

What does it mean?

At the lobby.

Our room 304.

Went out to get something to eat and also walk around. At the Asok BTS station.

The ticketing machine looks like our old ticketing machine of our MRT.

Tom yam seafood grass noodles. Yum yum!

Went to give our offerings.

High 5!

Tried their MacDonald. They have a chocolate banana pie.

BBQ rib burger.

Enjoying the massage machines at the shopping center.

The nice cup they use at Swensens.

Having the delicious fondue at Swensens.

Trying to be funny.

They sell medical boxes with everything inside as a package.

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