Friday, April 27, 2007

Vietnam Trip Prelude

I have always wanted to go on backpacking trips. Travelling around the world on my own or with my friends. Finally, I am starting to realise this long dream of mine.

There are several countries which I wanted to visit. In no order of preference. In the end, I chose to start with Vietnam.

Having decided on the country is not enough. I still need to plan out where I want to go. I know that there are flights from Singapore to either Hanoi or HCM. In order to decide which part of Vietnam to visit, I bought the Lonely Planet Vietnam and started reading. To make everything easy, I just decide to go north Vietnam, making Hanoi my base or starting point. The book have descriptions on some interesting places to visit in Vietnam. My colleague also advised me to find out more information from the internet.

After some reading, I briefly planned out the route that I will take and found out the hotels that are available at each place that I will be staying over. The trip was delayed for 1 month. Initially, I had planned to go during the first week of April 2007 to make use of the Good Friday holiday. However, I could not manage to get any air ticket during that period. The trip was pushed to the first week of May 2007 instead which has Labour Day.

The journey was set to start on 28th April 2007.

Yes! I am finally going backpacking.

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